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  • The Do's for buying Custom Made Australian Hardwood Furniture

    Posted on February 01 2021

    What are the "Dos" when it comes to purchasing custom made furniture? The furniture you select for each room should not only reflect your personal style and your family’s vibe,...

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  • We Made it!

    Posted on January 06 2021

    Here comes 2021.  Are we ready?  Who knows!  What we do know here at Wildwood Designs is, we’ve already begun preparing for new projects and collaborations and we’ll start at...

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  • Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - The Statement Piece

    Posted on January 04 2021

    The statement piece will draw your eye and hold your attention being the focal point of the space.  Having an interesting point of interest in your room is as simple...

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  • Custom Furniture - The Desk

    Posted on October 28 2020

    With more of us working from home than ever before and quite probably for the foreseeable future, it’s appropriate, I guess, to look at the humble desk… Desk; noun A...

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  • Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - Blackbutt

    Posted on June 10 2020

    Despite the name, which comes from the appearance of the base of the tree after a bushfire, Blackbutt is a light timber.  The tones range from golden yellow to (very)...

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  • Custom Furniture is Quality Furniture

    Posted on January 21 2020

    Ok.  You’ve researched. You’ve stewed. You’ve discussed. You’ve saved. You’re ready to make the purchase.  But, is this piece worth what you’re outlaying or may have to outlay (coz, you’re...

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  • Introducing the Phoenix Hall Table - A Custom Furniture Piece

    Posted on December 17 2019

    The Phoenix Hall table (sofa table/entrance table) has been part of our collection here at Wildwood for about six months now, so an introduction is well over due, therefore, before...

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  • Custom Furniture Can Be Functional and Pretty

    Posted on December 10 2019

    When you’re putting a room together, after you’ve selected your statement pieces; i.e. The stunning buffet or that beautiful dining table or even that elegant bed, there are other items to...

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  • Custom Furniture - Mirrors.

    Posted on December 03 2019

    There’s no need to relegate the humble mirror to the sole purpose of reflecting back to you that beautiful morning face, I’ll be honest, I try not to look at...

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  • An Addition To Our Custom Furniture Range - The "New" Ellis Leg

    Posted on October 29 2019

    Some of our favourite memories in life are played out around the dining table.  It’s an essential piece of furniture, probably one of the most important pieces you’ll buy for...

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  • Custom Furniture In Your Dining Room

    Posted on July 23 2019

    Happy memories are often formed around the dining table.  Whether it’s a large family gathering, an intimate dinner or playing card games with friends over a glass of wine. This...

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  • Custom Furniture - Bedsides

    Posted on July 08 2019

    Let’s begin by acknowledging, that a bedside table is essential for a properly functioning bedroom.  Generally speaking, we need bedside tables for storage and/or adornment to complement your aesthetic style....

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