Custom Furniture - Mirrors.

Posted on December 03 2019

Custom Furniture - Mirrors.

There’s no need to relegate the humble mirror to the sole purpose of reflecting back to you that beautiful morning face, I’ll be honest, I try not to look at that time of day…

This versatile item is destined for much MUCH more. It can be used extensively throughout the home, even outdoors.  There isn’t another accessory adept at changing the feel of a room like the mirror.

A mirror can create the impression of larger space and can fool the eye when used cleverly.  Placed in an entertaining area it can engender the feeling of a larger crowd.  It can draw attention to a particular zone or direct your gaze elsewhere in the room.  A mirror can be used to magnify light, even in the dimmest room.

In a living space with no natural focal point, a mirror will help you create one. In a windowless space, the addition of a mirror will make it feel lighter and give a more open feel.  A smaller room benefits from having a mirror by creating a feeling of space.  Place a mirror behind a lamp or in a position to reflect the natural light coming into the room to brighten up your space.  You can use a mirror to balance an awkwardly shaped room.

Above the fireplace or sideboard.  In the hall or entrance. Use one (or many) instead of artwork.  Hung horizontally or vertically, leaning on the wall, up against the cabinet or a sitting on the mantle. A mirror can enhance your home’s aesthetic; coastal, formal, casual, how do you want to reflect (forgive the pun) your style?

And a good place to begin the search for your mirrors (yes, you’re going to need more than one) is here at Wildwood Designs.


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