An Addition To Our Custom Furniture Range - The "New" Ellis Leg

October 29 2019

Australian Hardwood Custom furniture
Australian Hardwood Custom furniture

Some of our favourite memories in life are played out around the dining table.  It’s an essential piece of furniture, probably one of the most important pieces you’ll buy for your home.  This is where we gather with our friends and family to share life… A meal, a drink, laughter and stories. 

If you choose well a dining table can become a cherished item that will see you through many years and most probably out live you.

This is one of the reasons we like to introduce you to our “new” Ellis Timber Leg Premium Dining Table.

Previously, due to the limitations that we sometimes find with timber, we had to reinforce the strength of the table with a brace that ran from the base of one leg to the base of the other; as seen in the photos below.


If you decided that you didn’t like the span rail, we would’ve used metal Ellis legs, as seen in these photos below.  The result being, you wouldn’t have a full timber dining table.


So, after a little re-thinking and some tinkering, we’ve designed a new bracket that gives us a seamless look and relieves us of the need for that bottom brace. And, of course, will facilitate future custom furniture projects.

No span rail is needed anymore with our New Ellis Timber Leg Dining Table.  Voila! Here she is...


Ellis Redgum Raw Edge Timber Leg Premium Dining Table


Why don’t you come into one of our showrooms and have a look! This beautiful table could be where your next wonderful memories of balmy summer nights and cosy winter evenings are made.