The Do's for buying Custom Made Australian Hardwood Furniture

February 01 2021

The Do's for buying Custom Made Australian Hardwood Furniture
The Do's for buying Custom Made Australian Hardwood Furniture

What are the "Dos" when it comes to purchasing custom made furniture?

The furniture you select for each room should not only reflect your personal style and your family’s vibe, but most importantly it needs to fill the brief; i.e. Is it actually practical?  Does it do what you need it to do? Is it worth your hard-earned dollars?

If you’re going to have a piece custom made, where do you begin?

Do your research! This is a piece that will be part of your aesthetic for years, a piece you want to love and continue to love for a long time, so, take your time.  What is your design style? What function will it have? Which room will it live in? Will this piece enhance the way you and your family live day to day?

Will it have doors or open shelves? Or both? Do you want drawers? Push to open or pull?.  Are there enough shelves? How tall is it? How wide is it?  Don’t forget the measurements, no point in continuing if it doesn’t fit.  It’s beautiful to look at, but is it functional? Inspect the piece thoroughly, ask questions.  

At Wildwood Designs we are proud of our capacity to give you both function and style.  Our name is built on the ability to deliver what you need paired with want you want.

This is our Retro style, customised for different clients with different requirements, each piece fills the needs of function for the client and yet the aesthetic they love isn't compromised. 

What do you think?

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture  Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture 


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