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Timber Selection

If you're not aware, at Wildwood Designs we work with Australian Hardwoods and we pride ourselves in sourcing sustainable supplies of the timbers we choose to work with. Here is a brief (very brief) write up on some of our more popular timbers, though just to be clear, the following list is in no way absolute.
Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture         Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture
     Blackbutt                             Camphor Laurel
Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture         Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture
Wormy Chestnut                              Red Gum      
Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture         Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture
       Jarrah                                   Spotted Gum
Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture         Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture
Tasmanian Oak                               Blackwood
Blackbutt; this name comes from the appearance of its Buttress after a bushfire - conspicuously darker than the rest of the tree.  Blackbutt grows in abundance in New South Wales and Southern Queensland coastal areas.  The timber itself ranges from almost blonde to light brown, it generally has a straight grain and even texture making it appealing for cabinet making; Dining tables, sideboard, bedroom storage etc... And due to its being a strong and durable hardwood it's used in a variety of structural applications; framework, decking, flooring etc...
Camphor Laurel; (not a native) was introduced to Australia in the early 1800s, used for windbreaks and to help stop soil erosion, this Sth East Asian Hardwood can be found throughout  coastal New South Wales.  Because of it's moth repellent properties, Camphor Laurel was traditionally used for blanket boxes.  Over the centuries the Camphor has been extracted for use in cooking, medicine and an incense ingredient as well as insect and flea repellent. Aside from all those wonderful qualities, this beautiful timber has many colours, from nearly white to dark browns and red.  It has an interlocking grain which gives each piece a unique character - no two slabs are the same. Once again this timbers' unique idiosyncrasies are celebrated as a bedhead, bench or dining table.
Wormy Chestnut; is a variety of Eucalypts which grow in East of Victoria  The timber's stunning characteristics result from how the trees are affected by their environment. Years of drought, floods, bushfires, beetle attacks, winds so strong they stunt the trees growth and the fact this isn't one species of tree guarantee that no two slabs are the same!  The beauty of this timber can be truly seen as a headboard,  entertainment unit, or desk and so many more other custom pieces.
River Redgum; is named for its brilliant red wood, which can range from a light pink to almost black, depending on the age and weathering of the timber.  They are often seen growing along the rivers and waterways in Australia. Naturally termite resistant, Redgum was utilised by the Aborigine nations for shields, shelters and canoes, among other uses.  Used traditionally for fencing and building due to being rot resistant, it's become popular in the furniture making industry due to it's durability, density and colour(s), which make it versatile.  We particularly love using Redgum in pieces that show-off the glory of the timber; Bedheads, console tables and bedsides.
Spotted Gum; is a straight growing tall (very tall) tree, its bark is greyish white which flakes from the tree leaving it with a visibly spotted trunk.  Found mainly on the east coast of Australia from the Victoria/New South Wales border to Queensland, Spotted Gum's colour can vary from soft caramel to deep tan with a green tinge, even dark red-brown hues.  It has an ever changing grain, that waves and curls and this can sometimes result in a fiddle-back effect; when the curls/waves are consistent and tight, running vertically with the grain, across the width of the slab.  It was popular for the use on the backs of violins (fiddles) - hence the name.  This timber is best appreciated as a dining table, tallboy and buffet, among other pieces.
Tasmanian Oak;  Tasmanian Oak is a light timber, but it does vary in colour from straw to reddish brown, it has exceptional staining qualities that allow it to be matched with other timbers and finishes. This timber planes, sands, glues and finishes beautifully and readily steams and bends which make it perfect for luxury cabinetry.  This wonderful hardwood is an environmentally resilient species, able to adapt to stress – notably fire.  These trees need a lot of light and grow best where there is no overgrowth, enabling them to reach heights of 70metres or more and have a life span of over 400years.  Generally speaking, it has a straight and even grain with a smooth and consistent texture that make it easy to work with, sawing, turning, moulding and boring easily and with moderate feeding force.  
Tasmanian Blackwood; Tasmanian blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) is known for its rich golden brown heartwood. It has some reddish or darker streaks which are the growth rings of the tree. Being part of the Acacia genus, the blackwood trees have flowers (pale yellow) and leaves similar (shape) to our iconic golden wattle. Blackwood is native to Australia’s southern and eastern states (SA, TAS, VIC), the trees are fast growing and reproduces through seeds which germinate after fire. Tasmanian Blackwood that we source, comes from Tasmania as the name suggests as the trees prefer wetter, rich, well drained soil. Tasmania also sustainably grows Blackwood for commercial use.

Recycled Timber; is always a good choice. As part of Wildwood Design's commitment and obligation to sustainability, when we have the opportunity, we endeavour to re-invent previously loved pieces. Timber beams from razed buildings, wrought iron railings, railway sleepers & pins etc...  One of the wonderful things about reusing, is the understanding you're working with something that already has a history. You are adding to it's story by breathing new life into it.  Beds, tables, mirrors and more. You think it, we'll create it!

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