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  • Custom Hardwood Cabinetry

    Posted on September 06 2021

    A wonderful benefit of 'made to measure' is your piece can be made to fit your exact requirements, structurally and spatially.  Every nook of your room can be utilised, functionally,...

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  • Maximising Space With Custom Hardwood Furniture - Built-In

    Posted on August 24 2021

    A custom furniture piece is an excellent solution for a small space or a hard to use area in your home.  It's difficult to find the perfect item; You need it...

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  • What's in a custom furniture bookcase?

    Posted on August 17 2021

    Good question huh? Every book-lovers dream is to have a 'Pride and Prejudice-esk' home library.  Where to begin?  Especially for those of us who don't have the room or, let's...

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  • Australian Hardwood Furniture Recon

    Posted on August 13 2021

    That's right! Reconnaissance!  Preliminary survey and report.  Now's the time to get your research sorted - locked inside our own 4 walls... better than STARING at 'said' 4 walls, right?! What...

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  • What Are We Doing?

    Posted on August 05 2021

    Keeping Busy During This Crazy Time. Our showrooms are closed, yes, but we continue to keep busy.   Like many of you, some of our team are restricted to staying...

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  • Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - Our Waverton Collection

    Posted on July 08 2021

    All this 'staying put' due to lockdown has motivated some to refresh the habitat they occupy by upgrading, replacing and/or acquiring new pieces for the home.  What about you?  Where would you...

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  • Australian Hardwood Furniture Optimised!

    Posted on June 10 2021

    How do you optimise Australian Hardwood Furniture? Customise it. Making a piece uniquely yours by adding to or amending the structure and/or function of it, will enable you to utilise...

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  • Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - The Henly Dining Table

    Posted on May 18 2021

      We thought we'd take a minute to highlight the popular Henly collection Dining table in this post for you.  The Henly dining table, made from Australian Hardwood, will remain classic...

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  • Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Benches

    Posted on May 10 2021

    Benches! What a great alternative to chairs for longer tables and opens spaces.  They definitely engender a more communal feeling in a dining setting, certainly more casual and often the potential for...

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  • Home is where the Custom Hardwood Furniture is.

    Posted on April 13 2021

    Take a slice of nature home with you, a slice of native Australian nature.   Championing the natural grain and character of Australian Hardwood is something we take pride in.  Adding...

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  • Custom Furniture Ellis Suite

    Posted on April 05 2021

    Commissioned by a client, this ‘Ellis Collection’ hall table and buffet suite is classic and contemporary, not to mention elegant and refined. Constructed in this striking Jarrah timber gives these...

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  • Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Stays Classic

    Posted on March 30 2021

    Ever bought an item of clothing on a whim or because it was trendy?  Loooooved it for 30 seconds, wore it for 30 more and now it sits at the...

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