We Made it!

January 06 2021

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture
Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

Here comes 2021.  Are we ready?  Who knows!  What we do know here at Wildwood Designs is, we’ve already begun preparing for new projects and collaborations and we’ll start at a running pace when everyone returns from their much-deserved R&R.

After the initial road humps and wipe-outs that became the norm of 2020 for all of us; Wildwood had to make the call to shut our Gladesville showroom after over 20 years, among other things.  Then a period of adjusting and re-adjusting and re-adjusting... We found we all had the same idea; "Well, if I've got to stay home, I may as well complete those jobs and tasks I've been putting off." 

One of them being to upgrade, replace or finally get that piece we've been talking about, looking at, coveting for so long.  And our workshop went into overdrive!

So here we all are, and as we put some distance between ourselves and 2020, I thought I’d show you some highlights from the Australian hardwood custom furniture projects we completed in the last 12 months;  

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture


The Rhys collection is exclusive to Wildwood Designs. Originally created in  collaboration with a client as a custom piece, we loved the finished piece so much we expanded the collection to make it available across our stores.  Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

Allegra! Which means cheerful or happy in Italian. Is exactly what this beautiful peace is designed for; creating happy memories with family and friends. A glass of wine or two, board-games, finishing homework while dinner is being prepared, Long lazy lunches, cosy dinners.  It's all right here!

 Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

Who can forget Oscar? Love this guy! Storage. There's never enough, particularly in the bedroom.  Function and style combined with a splash of classic.  

As mentioned at the beginning, these are just a sampling of the projects we worked on throughout 2020, along with our much loved and timeless classics, the Henly, Carlton and Ellis collections. 

So as we begin 2021, Wildwood is, as we've always been, committed to offering our clients beautiful, functional and classic pieces for the spaces they occupy, be it home, holiday or office.  We strive to provide the complete package in a range of designs to compliment your personal style. This determination has dictated and continues to dictate our need to bring you fresh and original pieces, something we take a lot of pride in.


Have you checked out our "Available Now" page? We might have something on the our showroom floor that you've been looking for...  Click here to have a peek.