Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - Blackbutt

June 10 2020

Australian Hardwood Custom furniture
Australian Hardwood Custom furniture

Despite the name, which comes from the appearance of the base of the tree after a bushfire, Blackbutt is a light timber.  The tones range from golden yellow to (very) pale brown, sometimes pinkish.

It’s a strong and durable timber suitable for a range of interior and exterior applications.  Used in structural work; framing, decking, flooring etc…  This amazing timber has been found suitable for home construction in bushfires areas as long as it is more than 18mm (Building Commission in VIC).  Blackbutt is a common timber used in building framing work (particularly in NSW & QLD).  It’s even texture and generally straight grain also make it appealing for interior use, such as flooring and joinery. 

One of the attractions for Wildwood Designs to this timber is the distinctive characteristic of each slab, this makes each project a custom furniture piece, unique and beautiful. 

Blackbutt can be stained, polished or painted, applied to creating large or small pieces. Dining tables, buffets, beds and more, why not have a look through our gallery to see examples of our blackbutt works.



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