Quality Furniture

Posted on January 21 2020

Ok.  You’ve researched. You’ve stewed. You’ve discussed. You’ve saved. You’re ready to make the purchase.  But, is this piece worth what you’re outlaying or may have to outlay (coz, you’re going to have to replace it) if it’s not worth all those pennies you’ve saved?

Is the piece you’ve set your little heart on, a quality piece of furniture? That beautiful dining table? Those classy bedsides?  Will it last the test of time? Functionally? Aesthetically? Is it durable?  Will this piece stand up to a horde of rampaging children and pets for years and still retain its beauty? AND your love for it?

Timber furniture particularly, can, to some degree look or feel the same to the inexperienced.  You may think the price tag is an indicator of the quality you’re getting.  As typically, solid wood furniture has been more costly and therefore easier to identify from manufactured wood (plywood etc…)  But times and manufacturing and retailing have changed and therefore costs have changed.

Because most retailers now purchase their products to resell there are a number of costs that have to be passed on to the buyer (that’s you). Here’s a list of just a few costs that maybe included in the price tag; Manufacturing, logistics (transport, warehousing, inventory control, delivery), admin, to name a few.

Business like Wildwood Designs have the advantage in there is nothing between the maker (that’s us) and the buyer (that’s you).  And there is no mass-production.  The finished piece is commonly of a much higher quality.

That’s the thing about quality furniture.  You may think “Ooooo, really? Is it worth it?” Don’t be fooled.  Genuine quality furniture includes a number of factors. 

The materials; Where are they sourced?  Is it sustainable? Craftsmanship; What’s their skill set?  Their understanding of the material? Creativity; Are they resourceful? Inventive?  Eager to be inspired?  The piece itself; How’s the workmanship? The beauty of the item in its finished state?

 These are just a few things that need to be cogitated when weighing up the true ”cost” to purchase or not purchase quality furniture. 

 A good place to begin is Wildwood Designs. Our tag line is who we are “Where Quality Matters”.  Drop in and see for yourself.



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