Choosing a Bedside Table

Posted on July 08 2019

Let’s begin by acknowledging that a Bedside table is essential for a properly functioning bedroom.  Generally speaking, we need bedside tables for storage and/or adornment to complement your aesthetic style.

This is one of the reasons Wildwood Designs have several styles to choose from. We take pride in enabling you to have not only, a functioning piece of hardwood timber furniture but a beautiful piece of hardwood timber furniture.

So, when you’re looking for your bedside, whether you decide on a matching pair or two completely different pieces, you should probably consider what they’re going to do for you?

Are they functional? What about storage?  We need somewhere to put your 'stuff' on or in.  Is there space to put a lamp? Probably one of the more important items you’ll put on your bedside. Perhaps our Louise bedside is for you.  The Louise comes in one, two or three drawer options, open cabinet or no cabinet. 

Do they fit your bedroom style?  Are they in proportion to your bed and room size? If you like the Scandi or minimal feel maybe our City Bedside is what you’re looking for.  Our City bedside table has a single drawer and is very popular right now.


Each of our bedside styles is able to be customed.  Redgum? Blackbutt? Spotted gum? Or another of our Australian hardwoods.  Taller or wider?  Let us know what you want.

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