Custom Furniture - The Desk

October 28 2020

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture
Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

With more of us working from home than ever before and quite probably for the foreseeable future, it’s appropriate, I guess, to look at the humble desk…

Desk; noun

  1. A piece of furniture with a flat or sloping table-style surface; where one can read, write or work; “he sat at the desk reading
  2. A counter in a hotel, bank or airport; where one can check-in, conduct business or make enquiries; “he headed to the reception desk to check-in” 

    Desks generally are, or need to be, sturdy; because most of us do quite a bit of leaning, they typically have drawers, some have cabinets, sliding keyboard platforms, towers, shelves, racks…  The list of inclusions for this demure piece of furniture is limited only by imagination (and maybe budget).

    The thing is with the old desk, it can be as unassuming or not, as you want it to be.  A simple table with four legs tucked away in a corner.  A grand wall unit that fills the room.  An impressive show piece that commands attention.  A cabinet that folds away when no longer being used. What do you need it do?  Who will use it?  How often? Where will it sit?

    A good place to start your reconnaissance is right here at Wildwood, from the simple to the grand to the impressive, we’ve created that custom furniture piece for someone, and we can create what you’re looking for to fit your aesthetic and your space; try us!


     Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

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