Custom Furniture In Your Dining Room

July 23 2019

Australian Hardwood Custom furniture
Australian Hardwood Custom furniture

Happy memories are often formed around the dining table.  Whether it’s a large family gathering, an intimate dinner or playing card games with friends over a glass of wine. This makes it one of the most important rooms in the home.

Whether selecting the piece or creating a custom furniture piece, the "right" table for your dining room will help you, your family and your guests relish the experience of sharing a meal together.  What is your aesthetic? Casual? Formal? Coastal?  Whatever it is, Wildwood Designs have a range of dining room tables and seating that is, gorgeous, well designed and practical.

Of course, the space you have will dictate the size of your dining table.  Is it on the small side? Maybe a round table, our Ottway, could be something to consider?  Or perhaps you might a like more traditional shape, our X Leg dining table, with bench seating so they can be tucked away when not in use?  And most people in this beautiful country have a penchant for water so take a peek at our Beach House designs, they're are sure to catch your eye.  And of course, our Ellis table is one of our best loved designs.

Keep in mind that being (probably) the largest item in the room, the table will be the focal point of the space, so make sure it’s an aesthetic you love. Here at Wildwood Designs we are primed to create a table to your specifications.  Something that you’ll love to sit at with friends and family for years to come.  Check out our Dining Tables, there is SURE to be something you’ll love.

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Australian Hardwood Custom FurnitureAustralian Hardwood Custom Furniture


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