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Here We Go!

January 05 2022

Here We Go!
Here We Go!

It's that time of year, when we pause and take stock of the happenings of the last 12 months and think about the next 12; how we responded and how we hope to respond as we work through the year ahead.  If you're feeling a little disappointed or overwhelmed, give yourself a break - the last 12 months let alone 2 years, have been a challenge for most of us, to say the least!

Having said that, "positive" is always a good place to begin.  And January is traditionally a time when we say "Right! This is how I'm going to move forward".  And that "moving forward" generally begins with a decluttering and resorting of ourselves and/or our surroundings.  'Ourselves', Wildwood Designs can't really help with per se, but we can certainly help with 'surroundings', which in turn help with how we feel and that can have a roll on affect on 'ourselves'.

When our environment enables us to be calm, content, at peace, have that warm fuzzy feeling - or what-ever term you use that says 'home', then we can relax, think clearly and look forward.  The space we inhabit at the end of the day or indeed for a large proportion of us, all day, needs to be one we can thrive in.  Does it meet all the criteria? Function? size? Aesthetics?

When we're comfortable in the space we occupy, a space that let's us breath, it's a good starting point (and slowing down point) to say "Right! THIS is how I'm going to move forward".

Do we need to look at new storage ideas, so everything has a proper home?  Are we sick of looking at that 90s entertainment unit and thinking "I really hate that thing!".  Is it time we finally got the right size dining table? One that can really perform for the family... work from home desk, the kids’ homework station and games night.  And thaaaat beeeed! We are totally over the creaking and squeaking, right?!

Well; Let's do something about it!

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