New Traditional and Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

December 15 2021

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture
Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

First of all, what is “New Traditional”?

This style aesthetic wants the formal piece but focuses on comfort and is a more streamline look.  It has a more “lived in” and personal feel. The old "less is more". It allows you to appreciate the piece and the space, more defined and less fussy.

New traditional also helps to mix different styles and encourages colour and light. Gone is the heaviness of matchy-matchy. Though having companion pieces and pieces which complement are part of this style aesthetic.

New traditional also gives us the freedom to utilise every room in our home. There are no formal sitting rooms or dining areas.  Every room is family friendly and useable.  An oversized coffee table becomes movie night’s snack stand, the dining table is your work from home desk, the kids’ homework station and games night free for all.

Generally speaking, the homes we’ve created for ourselves are well loved and well lived in, which calls for beautifully constructed functional furniture that not only stands the test of time but the test of our modern life, which is everything but traditional.

At Wildwood Designs we pride ourselves in creating pieces that will cater to all your needs and aesthetics.  Whether it be multifunctional, utilised by all, a dedicated piece or a show-stopper. We guarantee it will be beautifully constructed functional furniture that will absolutely stand up to modern living.

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture  Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture


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