Australian Hardwood Furniture - Raw Look Finish

March 29 2023

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture
Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

Which 'finish' is best for my Custom Australian Hardwood Furniture piece?

The finish you choose is dependant on your needs as well as your aesthetic. There are obviously numerous finishes with varied resistances and constraints.  The finish we're highlighting here is our 'Raw Look' which gives your piece an "unfinished" look; the timber has a natural raw look and feel even though it is our hardest wearing finish.

This particular finish has a high scratch resistance, so would be a great choice for heavily used pieces, like your dining table, desk or coffee table.  It has excellent chemical resistance to spills and sprays. And has a non-yellowing protection against colour changes due to light radiation - when the wood is exposed to light it will not go darker like most other timber products.

The Raw Look is an excellent choice for the coastal, beach or seaside aesthetic. Also a great option for the "Scandi" home with it's modern yet classic design.  And is a wonderful compliment for those seeking a fresh Hampton’s style.  But add some steel and all of a sudden you have a more industrial look.  Like the majority of our collections, you are only limited by your imagination.