Australian Hardwood Gift?

December 01 2021

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture
Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

Here we go again...  It's the time of year when everything begins to speed up, and yet we seem to be standing still. SO much to do and so little time to do it.  A few chores can be held at arms length, but the majority have to be done NOW!

Here at Wildwood Designs we have a solution to ease the stress on at least one of your worries... Gifts.  Australian hardwood gifts? Really?! Yes.

Well, I mean, we're certainly not going to stop you from purchasing a sideboard for a good friend, but if you're looking for something a little smaller we've got a few things that might fit the bill...

Let's start with our wonderful range of wood turned platters and bowls; Clarke Creates tableware exclusively for Wildwood Designs. Beautiful as a centrepiece or use it as it was intended, these are one of a kind pieces, hand made by Wildwood's own Jacob Clarke.



Next on offer is the humble lamp; And our beautiful selection of turned wood lamps are waiting to light you up!  Proper lighting is a wonderful thing and the right lighting can do many things.  Draw the eye, spotlight your favourite piece, invite you in or move you through a space. Lighting can make a room warm and cosy or demand you finish that project!  Start here for our exclusive range. Each piece is handmade and unique.

 Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture  Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture  


And what about our newly introduced boards?! Bread, serving, chopping, grazing and more... It's party season and what's a party without a grazing board? These handsomely designed boards are cove cut on the bottom edge for easy handling and sealed with food grade oil. And like all our pieces, each board is unique.

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture   Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture   Australian Harwood Custom Furniture


Have you checked out our "Available Now" page? We might have something on the our showroom floor that you've been looking for...  Click here to have a peek