What Size Should My Custom Australian Hardwood Table Be?

November 04 2021

What Size Should My Custom Australian Hardwood Table Be?
What Size Should My Custom Australian Hardwood Table Be?

What size is the right size? It’s kinda important, after the food, of course.  This is where it all happens… breakfast, lunch, dinner. Brunch, homework or work from home… Card games, tea parties, dinner parties, parties, puzzles, sorting.  You name it, THIS is a multi-functional piece.

The “perfect” size? It’s all relative;

Is it a dedicated dining room? Eat in kitchen? Living and dining combined?  Is it a large space? How many people will be comfortably seated?  We need room to sit at, pull out, push in and move around.  How do we measure that?


As a general rule you’ll need about;

100cm-120cm around the table

30cm-35cm between each setting

40cm for each setting

And 120cm maximum width (gotta pass the mash potatoes)


The drum on dining table shapes;

Round tables - great for small families, easy to talk around the table and to pull up another seat to.

Square tables – great for interacting with everyone at the table; and has a café vibe.  Easier to fit into a 'square' space.

Oval tables – No corners mean’s scrunch up and, make room for one (or two) more. Easy to move around.

Rectangle tables – Great for larger households and gatherings. 


Customarily for the classic rectangle table, you’ll need a minimum width of about 90cm-100cm;

4 seater length – 120cm

4-6 seater length – 150cm

And 6-8 seater length – 200cm


But in all honesty, there isn't a “standard size”.  It really is dependent on you, your space and your needs.

We’ve built our name on fulfilling both function and style for our clients and their custom furniture needs.

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