Maximising Space With Custom Hardwood Furniture - Built-In

August 24 2021

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture
Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

A custom furniture piece is an excellent solution for a small space or a hard to use area in your home.  It's difficult to find the perfect item; You need it be not only functional but so it doesn't encroach on other zones.

What to do?  Have you considered a built-in? One of the (many) beautiful things about timber is that it can be manipulated to fit into pretty much any space!  

You don't have enough room in your living-cum-dining room for a dining table? How about a built in bench top/dining table that does double duty?  That nook under the window would great for a small home office but where do you get a five sided desk? How about a custom built-in?  That corner area would be a great spot for the entertainment unit but you've never seen a triangle shaped unit.  How about a custom built-in?  You really need a bookcase but can't spare the floor space.  How about a Built-in?

If you're struggling to find a solution for your needs, give us a call.  We can help you with the answers.


Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture  

 Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture  Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

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