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  • Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - Tasmanian Oak

    Posted on March 01 2021

    (Some) Other names: Mountain White gum, Woollybutt, Australian Oak, Mountain Ash, Whitetop Stringybark... Though Tasmanian Oak is a light timber, it can vary in colour from straw to reddish brown,...

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  • We Made it!

    Posted on January 06 2021

    Here comes 2021.  Are we ready?  Who knows!  What we do know here at Wildwood Designs is, we’ve already begun preparing for new projects and collaborations and we’ll start at...

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  • Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - Red Gum

    Posted on June 10 2020

    River Red Gum is sort after because of the depth and richness of its warm red hues, which range from a light pink to the deepest of red, they catch your...

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  • Meet Oscar - A Custom Furniture Piece.

    Posted on February 04 2020

    We’d like to introduce you to Oscar…  “Oscar meet the people; People this is Oscar” Oscar began life as a custom furniture piece.  We loved his look so much, we...

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  • Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - Camphor Laurel

    Posted on July 15 2019

    This is an interesting tree; firstly, it’s not actually native to Australia, it was brought here in the early 1820s as an ornamental garden tree.  It decided it liked it...

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  • Custom Furniture - Bedsides

    Posted on July 08 2019

    Let’s begin by acknowledging, that a bedside table is essential for a properly functioning bedroom.  Generally speaking, we need bedside tables for storage and/or adornment to complement your aesthetic style....

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  • Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - Wormy Chestnut

    Posted on July 02 2019

    To be clear ‘Wormy Chestnut’ is actually a collection of several Eucalypt species from Victoria. And as a result of years of fighting for survival; they endure flooding, drought, bush-fires,...

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  • A Happy Client's Custom Furniture Pieces.

    Posted on June 25 2019

    Having created pieces with us a few years ago, this client returned when she needed to update the look and refurnish a couple of rooms in their home. Together we’ve...

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  • From Tree To Your Custom Furniture Piece - The Journey

    Posted on June 18 2019

    Here at Wildwood Designs we’re proud of our work from imagining to creating to delivering your custom furniture piece.  Whether it be a buffet, dining table, bed, entertainment unit or...

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  • Custom Furniture Bedroom Storage

    Posted on May 29 2018

    What would we do without bedroom storage?!  Probably have a melt down... I'm pretty sure I would.  "Where'd I put that?" "Have you seen my...?"  "That doesn't go there!" Only...

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