Wormy Chestnut Timber & Hardwood Furniture

Posted on July 02 2019

To be clear ‘Wormy Chestnut’ is actually a collection of several Eucalypt species from Victoria. And as a result of years of fighting for survival; they endure flooding, drought, bushfires, super strong winds, which stunt their growth, and even beetle attacks; this particular timber produces characteristics that ensure that no two pieces are alike.  Features that are brought to life through the furniture making process, whether a bed, cabinets, an entertainment unit.  Here at Wildwood we enjoy the task of producing unique and beautiful pieces.

Squiggly worm marks and black holes made by ambrosia beetle attacks, also where the name “Wormy” comes from, gum pockets produced by seasonal bush fires and stunted growth that creates interesting grain patterns.  It has a colour variation from dark blondes to light browns, is quite easy to work with and is durable.  All this gives Wormy Chestnut timber a dynamic character which makes every finished piece a one of a kind.

So, if you’re looking for ‘THAT’ piece; sideboard, dining table, bedsides.  Maybe a custom timber piece you’ll love and others will envy?  A piece with a lot of character, have a peek at our range of wood furniture and our bespoke pieces.  And keep Wormy Chestnut in mind.



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