Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - Red Gum

June 10 2020

Australian Hardwood Custom furniture
Australian Hardwood Custom furniture

River Red Gum is sort after because of the depth and richness of its warm red hues, which range from a light pink to the deepest of red, they catch your eye like a fire burning.  Other features of this timber include fiddle-back (pressure marks when the tree is growing), birds’ eye (irregularities that look like a birds eye), gum veins and ribbon like colour effects. 

We love working with this timber because of its extreme density and beauty, our aim is to enhance these natural features and create objects of exceptional beauty with every finished piece. River Red Gum is a premium grade Australian hardwood, so it is perfect for hard wearing custom furniture

Tables, bench tops, sideboards, bedheads and the like, are what this timber was felled for.  Showing off it's glory in every day life is a must. No table cloths! 

   Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture   Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture    Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

Photos don’t do our furniture justice. We recommend visiting one of our showrooms to see the true texture and warmth of our pieces. The smoothness of the finish and quality of materials can only be experienced in person. 

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