Custom Furniture Bedroom Storage

May 29 2018

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture
Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

What would we do without bedroom storage?!  Probably have a melt down... I'm pretty sure I would.  "Where'd I put that?" "Have you seen my...?"  "That doesn't go there!" Only bad things can happen from here on in...

Good thing there are plenty of storage ideas and options about to investigate and select from. Tallboys, dressers, short-boys, wardrobes and combinations can be had in varying styles and needs. Not to mention materials.   

Bedroom storage is something we do very well at Wildwood Designs. Our collections are classic yet modern and always gorgeous. However, their primary purpose is not overlooked. And as we're custom furniture specialist, if it's not quite tall enough or needs to fit a specific space. The drawers aren't deep enough and I'd really like it to "go" with something you already have, we're able to give you what you need.

Click here to see our bedroom storage collections.

       Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture  Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture  Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

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