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  • Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - Tasmanian Oak

    Posted on March 01 2021

    (Some) Other names: Mountain White gum, Woollybutt, Australian Oak, Mountain Ash, Whitetop Stringybark... Though Tasmanian Oak is a light timber, it can vary in colour from straw to reddish brown,...

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  • Meet Oscar - A Custom Furniture Piece.

    Posted on February 04 2020

    We’d like to introduce you to Oscar…  “Oscar meet the people; People this is Oscar” Oscar began life as a custom furniture piece.  We loved his look so much, we...

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  • Custom Furniture - Bedsides

    Posted on July 08 2019

    Let’s begin by acknowledging, that a bedside table is essential for a properly functioning bedroom.  Generally speaking, we need bedside tables for storage and/or adornment to complement your aesthetic style....

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  • From Tree To Your Custom Furniture Piece - The Journey

    Posted on June 18 2019

    Here at Wildwood Designs we’re proud of our work from imagining to creating to delivering your custom furniture piece.  Whether it be a buffet, dining table, bed, entertainment unit or...

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