Australian Hardwood Slab

Posted on February 16 2021

Australian Hardwood Slab

The Slab. Truly unique, absolutely beautiful!

Our designs here at Wildwood are, for the most part, unfussy, clean-line and refined.  Due in part to the traditional way of construction, laminating hardwood boards to create a symmetrical and even top. But through the years the ‘slab’ has always been admired, if not desired, for its awesome (in the true sense of the word) beauty.

Because of the way a slab is cut from the tree, generally, sliced length ways straight through, the slab retains all of its character and definition. The life-cycle can be seen through conspicuous rings, where the branches once jutted out are now featured knots, and the rich yet subtle colour changes in the tree can be appreciated.  One of the boon’s of using a slab is the opportunity to have a live edge, often referred to as a natural or raw edge.  More on the live edge in a future blog.

Though every slab is filled with character, there are, of course, particular timbers that are more highly feature than others, such as Camphor Laurel.  Whatever you decide to create with your slab, one thing is guaranteed, it is one of a kind.  And as with all our custom furniture pieces, the finished piece de resistance is entirely dependent on you.


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