Custom Furniture - Beds

May 29 2018

Australian Hardwood Custom furniture
Australian Hardwood Custom furniture

Sleeping is one of THE most enjoyable human past-times! Most of us don't get enough.  Various reasons and levels of 'lack of sleep' afflict us all, and sometimes it's as simple as "WHAT are you sleeping in?!".

Do you love where you lay your head at night? Or that afternoon napping on Sunday? You need too.  And at Wildwood Designs we have a variety of bedroom collections for you to choose from.  Of course if you have a particular design in mind, or would like to 'tweak' one of ours, we are custom furniture specialists. A king bed or a king single, that's up to you.

Using beautiful Australian hardwood of your choice we are able to produce exactly what you need for that good night's sleep.  Our bed designs are growing to meet the requests of customers so we're sure there will be one to suit your needs.




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