Custom Furniture - Table Legs

May 29 2018

wildwood designs sydney
wildwood designs sydney

Every piece of custom furniture is made up of several parts. And so it is with your table;  Dining, Coffee, hall table/console, sofa, or occasional... Is it just about the table top? uh-uhhh. You need legs! Of course, if the standard option is what you're looking for, we can give you the “standard”.

But, we do pride ourselves in offering numerous options;  A variety of shapes and sizes of course, as well as several materials. Timber, is an obvious choice. And, we use steel, wrought iron, brass, up-cycled materials, such as balustrades,  antique sewing machine bases and the like.

They can be tucked away, be unobtrusive. Or an integral part of the aesthetic finish, complete the look. Whatever your preference, we're pretty sure we can help you.

Again, you may have an idea in mind we haven't yet discovered (we're always willing to learn), come in let's talk.




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