Custom Furniture And Burls - Made For Each Other

June 03 2019

Australian Hardwood Custom furniture
Australian Hardwood Custom furniture

What is a burl?

Well, in laymen’s terms, it’s a knotty out-growth protruding from the trunk, branch or root of the tree.  Most Burls are found underground, though it’s not uncommon to see them above ground. Pretty much most burls are covered with bark whether above or below ground and is generally found when the tree falls over (due to death or from environmental reasons)

Burls begin when/if the tree has suffered or is suffering stress; Insect invasion, maybe fungus or some kind of injury. Depending on the species of tree they can grow to be quite large.  One of the largest found is 2 metres tall.

Burls are highly prized by wood turners, musical instrument makers, artists, cabinet makers and the like, because of the unusual yet distinctive pattern the trauma caused to the tree creates in the burl.

Here at Wildwood Designs we love the way the features of burl wood can be highlighted in some of custom furniture pieces.  Have a quick look at few of our beautiful burl coffee tables



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