The Humble Lamp

November 30 2020

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture
Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

Natural lighting and overhead ceiling lights are the foundation for illuminating your space. Then you begin adding other types and sources of light to create your desired ambience.  The right lighting can help minimise eye strain, make your space feel warm and inviting, highlight areas of the room, and create the mood, or backdrop, you’d like in that space.  And this can be done with a wonderful household item – the lamp.

So!  Whether it’s getting dark outside or not, how can lamps accent your space to really create the mood you’re going for?

In the Bedroom? Relaxing? Romantic? Recharging? Unwinding? Whatever the mood, all those verbs mean S L O W   D O W N.  A lamp on your bedside casting a warm glow will help you ease into the pillow that’s been calling your name aaaaallll day.  A reading lamp next to your occasional chair as you wind down while preparing for bed.  Proper lighting is a wonderful thing.

Now onto the lounge. This room has many functions… Movie night wants low lighting, so you know where the chips are, without disturbing anyone.  After dinner party ‘tete-a-tete’ asks for accent lighting as you cluster into smaller groups.  Games night demands focussed light to make sure no cards “fall” to the floor and the game pieces all remain on the board! Smaller sources of light provide remedies for all these occasions.

How about the home office?  Well, you need to be productive.  Lighting is important in making your work space functional and comfortable…  But not too comfortable.  For the office you’ll need some good task lighting, generally supplied via a brighter desk lamp.  Focused lighting helps lessen eye strain, particularly if the natural lighting in the room is poor.  A correctly lit work area will aid your productivity and reduce stress.

Of course, the right lighting can do many things.  Draw the eye to an area of the room, spotlight your favourite custom furniture piece or art work or invite you to move in a certain direction.  Lighting can make a room inviting and elicit a feeling of calm and repose.  It can bring a hush at the end of a brutal day, or help you kick start in the morning. 

All this from the humble lamp!  But which lamp? Start here with our exclusive range. Each piece is handmade and truly one-of-a-kind.    

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