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  • Custom Furniture is Quality Furniture

    Posted on January 21 2020

    Ok.  You’ve researched. You’ve stewed. You’ve discussed. You’ve saved. You’re ready to make the purchase.  But, is this piece worth what you’re outlaying or may have to outlay (coz, you’re...

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  • From Tree To Your Custom Furniture Piece - The Journey

    Posted on June 18 2019

    Here at Wildwood Designs we’re proud of our work from imagining to creating to delivering your custom furniture piece.  Whether it be a buffet, dining table, bed, entertainment unit or...

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  • Camphor Laurel Made For Custom Furniture

    Posted on May 22 2018

    Because of its contrasting grains, its pale honey coloured timber deepening to mid-browns, oftentimes black and frequently streaked with dark to almost red-brown grains. Camphor Laurel's distinctive timber makes every piece created...

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