Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - Spotted Gum

February 25 2020

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Sydney
Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Sydney

We're getting a lot of requests for Spotted Gum pieces at Wildwood Designs, so we thought we’d give a quick run down on one of our premium Australian hardwoods.

This Australian Native grows along the east coast of Australia; from the Victoria / New South Wales border all the way to the Maryborough area of Queensland. It’s smooth bark and spotted colours ascending the trunk make it an attractive choice as an ornamental tree planted throughout Australia.

Many designers and architects appreciate Spotted Gum for it's grain structure, colour variety and striking patterns. It's a naturally strong, durable timber, not difficult to work with and is suited for many applications. It was principally used as a structural timber, both in and out doors because of its strength and termite resistance.

Growing straight and slender, the tree loses it's bark in patches that give it that "spotted' look.  Spotted Gum has a dynamic palette, it's colour can vary from a light brown through deep caramel to chocolate and even dark red-brown hues.  It has an ever changing grain that waves and curls. This can sometimes create a fiddleback feature, the fiddleback charateristic is when the grain has extremely tight curls and is named for the fact it is a popular wood grain used in the making of violins, cellos and the like.  One of the many impressive results the natural beauty of this timber offers.

Most hardwoods have a measure of fire resistance and Spotted Gum is no exception.   Which is beneficial as a construction material in bushfire prone areas.  This timber can be, and is, used for a plethora of applications.  From framing to flooring.  Boat building to tool handles. And, of course, from cabinet making to woodturning. 

Spotted Gum is a truly versatile timber and we are proud to use an Australian Hardwood here at Wildwood Designs to create your custom furniture piece.


 Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture  Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture  Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture


Photos don’t do our furniture justice. We recommend visiting one of our showrooms to see the true texture and warmth of our pieces. The smoothness of the finish and quality of materials can only be experienced in person. 

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