The Process for Custom Furniture at Wildwood Designs

February 19 2020

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Sydney
Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Sydney

We have many clients come with an idea for the custom furniture piece they want.

“I like the look of …. “, “I really want it to ….”, “I was thinking, maybe we could …”.

So, we take those thoughts, maybe even some rough sketches are provided and we endeavour to create what our client is looking for.

We start by finding out what function this piece will have, what space it will occupy, who is most likely to use it.  Will it be a feature in the room? Or more of a nonchalant piece?

Now, lets put some drawings together… How tall? What’s the width? Will it have legs? Compartments? Cupboards? Drawers? Pop-ups or pop-outs?

Recently a client came with an idea for a coffee table.  They love the "Waterfall effect"; When the timber gives the illusion of falling/bending to the ground in one motion.  Which gives the piece the appearance of fluidity and highlights the grain and character of the timber exquisitely.

Their request was that their coffee table have the waterfall effect on one side only with the other leg having a clean line.

Diagrams were drawn up, amended, re-drawn and approved, timber sourced and selected.

Production begins.

Eh voila!  A little bit beautiful don’t you think?



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