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  • Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - Spotted Gum

    Posted on February 25 2020

    We're getting a lot of requests for Spotted Gum pieces at Wildwood Designs, so we thought we’d give a quick run down on one of our premium Australian hardwoods. This...

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  • A Happy Client's Custom Furniture Pieces.

    Posted on June 25 2019

    Having created pieces with us a few years ago, this client returned when she needed to update the look and refurnish a couple of rooms in their home. Together we’ve...

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  • From Tree To Your Custom Furniture Piece - The Journey

    Posted on June 18 2019

    Here at Wildwood Designs we’re proud of our work from imagining to creating to delivering your custom furniture piece.  Whether it be a buffet, dining table, bed, entertainment unit or...

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  • The Home Show

    Posted on June 11 2019

    This show is a great way to see what’s happening in the building, renovating, decorating world, where we all find ourselves in at some point in our lives.  There are...

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  • Custom Furniture Storage Solutions

    Posted on May 22 2018

    Ugh. Storage! The bane of modern society.  Never EVER enough. And what you do have? Generally non-specific cupboards.  But! It doesn't have to be... nope. A bookcase, open or closed. A...

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