Custom furniture - What's in a chair.

November 26 2019

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Sydney
Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Sydney

We all sit at some point during the day.  A lot of us sit most of the day at work. In an office, on a machine, in a vehicle; the list goes on…  But the most important time (personally) is when we get home.  Tired from the day’s activities. Exhausted even.

The right chair can actually set the mood of a room by its shape, size, from what it’s constructed. It can be a personal statement by being a part of the room or the centrepiece of it. Custom furniture is by definition a personal statement.

A dining chair is no less significant than a sofa, an armchair or even the occasional chair.  Do you want to sit at the table long after the meal is over and enjoy the company of those you shared that meal with? Is the dining area only for eating? “let’s move into the lounge and relax”.  Is it a multi-purpose area?  Sometimes being used for homework or work-from-home days?

What will this ‘simple’ chair be used for?

Obviously, here at Wildwood Designs our chairs are constructed from timber, but that certainly doesn’t limit you.  Fabrics, paints, stains and leather choices all work with timber to help create a feeling or ambience in a space.  The pieces you select will help compliment how you live in that room.

Is it going to be a casual eating space?  Somewhere friends and children's friends can hang out? Perhaps our Café chair is what you’re after?   

Or are you trying to fit a lot of legs around the table?  Do you need your chair to tuck away when it's not being used?  Have a look at some of our custom benches.

Maybe you prefer a more contemporary feel? The Lloyd is sleek, low and super comfortable. Coupled with leather, it will age over time, giving you a resilient, warm and maybe slightly masculine feel. 

Whatever you’re looking for, I’m sure we’ve got something to pique your interest!

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