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Custom Furniture Ellis Suite

April 05 2021

Custom Furniture Ellis Suite
Custom Furniture Ellis Suite

Commissioned by a client, this ‘Ellis Collection’ hall table and buffet suite is classic and contemporary, not to mention elegant and refined.

Constructed in this striking Jarrah timber gives these pieces an ‘old-world’ twist.  The red-tones bring warmth and comfort, yet the clean lines ensure that ‘old-world’ doesn’t mean ‘old-fashioned’.  The uncluttered ‘Ellis’ design exemplifies modern living, yet the timbers natural hues give us a feeling of antique warmth.

There are perks that come with modern design and living that antique pieces won’t give you…   'Push to open' drawers and cupboards that allow the timber's natural features to sing without the hindrance of handles is one of many.  Ellis’s 'U' shaped legs are a striking design feature that give it a handsome finish. Designed with functionality in mind with ample storage 'Ellis' is easy to clean with simple lines and smooth surfaces.

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