Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Stays Classic

Posted on March 30 2021

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Stays Classic

Ever bought an item of clothing on a whim or because it was trendy?  Loooooved it for 30 seconds, wore it for 30 more and now it sits at the back of your wardrobe tormenting you?  We’ve all done it.  Whims and trends are great! Sometimes they may even work out… But generally speaking, they don’t last and then we're stuck with it.

That will never be an issue with a piece from one of our collections; Take the Rhys collection… Yes, it’s contemporary, with its customisable storage options and floating top, that make it not only functional and light but also brings a weightlessness into the room.  Rhys is aesthetically beautiful and made to last.  And if it’s going last it needs to stay relevant, and as you can see, he is also classic.

Rhys will stand the test of time, and because we’re sure he's built to last; he comes with a 5year warranty, as do all our pieces.  Built by experts and created using sustainably sourced highest quality Australian Hardwood.  Drawers, cupboards, shelves, tall, low, long, wide… It’s really up to you.  You make the final decisions on your custom furniture piece, then take it home to shine... (not sit in the back tormenting you).



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