Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - The Henly Dining Table

Posted on May 18 2021

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - The Henly Dining Table


We thought we'd take a minute to highlight the popular Henly collection Dining table in this post for you.  The Henly dining table, made from Australian Hardwood, will remain classic and stylish through the years, an heirloom in the making.


This beautifully designed and masterfully built piece, with tapered legs (or not, your choice) and faultlessly clean lines, made from your choice of Australian Hardwood, blends contemporary minimalism with traditional texture and structure to give you piece that will stand the test of time, family, friends, moving and so much more.

The simplicity of the 'Henly' dining table, as well as the other pieces in this collection, coupled with your custom furniture preferences enable it to be incorporated into most design aesthetics. This is the "Australian Battler" refined. Classic not old fashioned. Contemporary not modern.  This design is both beautiful and strong, it will quickly become the centre of your home... Dinner, homework, long lunches, school projects, work from home, we promise you'll love it.

     Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture

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