Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Benches

Posted on May 10 2021

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture Benches

Benches! What a great alternative to chairs for longer tables and opens spaces.  They definitely engender a more communal feeling in a dining setting, certainly more casual and often the potential for more bottoms to gather.  Extended family get togethers, games nights, school projects; they're a pretty good solution. Then you simply tuck them away when you're done. Easy!

Or maybe a seating area at the entrance to your castle.  Throw a few 'catch-all' boxes beneath, a Wildwood designs coat rack above and you have a complete (if not relatively tidy) entryway.

Do have a narrow sitting room?  How 'bout using it as a coffee table?  Whilst it functions for the most part as a place to rest your coffee cup, a vase of flowers, a home for the remote control, it will also perform double duty as extra seating when you have a home full of family and friends.

Have you seen our benches?  Do you have a particular design in mind?  Do you need to add storage? Give us a call, we can help you. With custom furniture the possibilities are endless!


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