Custom Furniture - Upcycled Pre-loved Materials

April 16 2018

wildwood designs sydney
wildwood designs sydney

As part of Wildwood Design's commitment and obligation to sustainability, when we have the opportunity, we endeavour to re-invent previously loved pieces. Timber beams from razed buildings, wrought iron railings, railway sleepers & pins etc...


In this case being in the right place at the right time was a bit of a coup.  We were able to salvage the beautiful hardwood timber from the original foot bridge that spans the Cooks River between Marrickville and Earlwood, which was being torn down and replaced with a new bridge.

We've created a custom furniture piece using part of an old European wrought iron balcony balustrade panel and recycled hardwood from the Beaman Park footbridge. The two combined with our teams artistic flair and craftsmanship are a winning combination. Don't you think?

The old hand forged balustrade with it's intricately beautiful pattern is framed with recycled timber and has a support beam which runs between the two 'legs'. And with the table top itself constructed from some of the recycled timber of the footbridge, this unique table has an industrial feel.  It is of course a "one off".

recycled wood and steel dining table made from old balcony and recycled hardwood by Wildwood Designs Sydney

Are you interested in designing and creating your own "one off" piece?  Give us a call, we'd love to be apart of making your ponderings a reality, it's what we do best.

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