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  • Sydney City Council’s committment to safe access for pedestrians to Green Square Station

    We have had the first major win of the campaign for safe access for pedestrians to Green Square Station with a $500,000 committment by the Sydney City Council  on April 2. 2012 towards the cost of new traffic lights. The situation as of today, is that we are still waiting for Roads and Maritime Services to come up with their final costings for the new traffic signals and then a committment to pay for them. It has been suggested the price is going to be $1.5million. The RMS have advised they are doing utility studies on the area and also looking at designs for interim crossings at Green Square Station. The reason for calling them “interim crossings” is because the roads are going to change as the development of Green Square Town Centre grows.  Planning Minister Brad Hazzard put out a Media Release on 28.3.2012 about the development going ahead at Green Square and here are his comments of the lack of pedestrian access to the station:

    “Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is currently developing detailed designs for a number of interim pedestrian crossings around Green Square. In the longer term Landcom is proposing to improve pedestrian access to Green Square railway station by realigning major roads, as part of future stages of the precinct’s development. ”

    So it can be assumed that something is definitely going to happen by way of improved pedestrian access to Green Square Station. It is just a question of WHEN? If you would like to sign the petition please come into my shop at 16 O’riordan St or we can email it to you. regards Juliet Barr

    DAILY TELEGRAPH April 3: $500,000 to build Green Square crossing


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