Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - Camphor Laurel

Posted on July 15 2019

Australian Hardwood Custom Furniture - Camphor Laurel

This is an interesting tree; firstly, it’s not actually native to Australia, it was brought here in the early 1820s as an ornamental garden tree.  It decided it liked it here so much that it travelled VERY quickly to visit and reside on most of the east coast of this vast continent.

It can grow upwards of 25 metres, and was used initially for windbreaks and to help with soil erosion. It’s been used in making camphor oil, camphor chests and camphor balls to keep insects and moths at bay. Its anti-bacterial properties make it a good fit for chopping boards, and storing clothes.

This hardwood ranges in colour from honey yellow to mid brown with a rich black/brown grain that gives each finished piece, whether a dining table or a turned bowl a distinctive finish.

But let’s talk about why Wildwood love using it.  Camphor Laurel timber has striking character lines. This is especially evident when it’s used in a way that keeps the integrity of the interlocked grains which give it an amazing character; such as buffets, dining tables, coffee tables and the like. Custom furniture created with this timber is usually dramatic and always beautiful.

Have you seen the beautiful natural edge headboard made with a Camphor Laurel slab?  Or our gorgeous dining tables?  Check out some of the bespoke pieces we’ve been commissioned to make.

Australian Hardwood Custom FurnitureAustralian Hardwood Custom Furniture  

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