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  • 334 Victoria Road, Gladesville,NSW australia Ph: 02-98176999
    78 Parramatta Road Stanmore, NSW australia Ph: 02-95577770

  • Antique Wrought Iron Balastrade made into Stunning Dining Table

    Peter Crutchfield of Wildwood Designs has been getting creative again with the old steel pieces that he finds all over the country and reinvents into stunning furniture. 

    This time he has created a unique dining table leg structure out of old European wrought iron balcony balastrading panels. The tops of the tables are made from old recycled hardwood from the ab Marrickville Bridge. The two combined with his artistic flair and craftsmanship are a winning combination.

    Peter says, “The old hand forged wrought iron balustrade panels are very unique and in an interesting and beautiful pattern. I have encased them with recycled timber and made a leg structure out of them with a support beam in between.” Says Pete.

    “The looks is olde worlde but with a modern industrial touch,”

    For a limited time Wildwood Designs can make tables with the old wrought iron panels as their leg structure in any size the client may need. “I bought the whole balcony. So I think we can make 4 more tables with these legs.”

    Wildwood Designs is located at 334 Victoria Road, Gladesville 98176999 and 78 Parramatta Road, Stanmore 95577770


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